BGN Cocobum Coco-Stick - sloomb

BGN Cocobum Coco-Stick

From Bee Green Naturals:

A convenient easy to use and travel with,  2.15 oz roll up stick.

Great for diaper rash, preventative daily care, arms, legs, rough elbows, chapped faces (we recommend unscented), cracked feet, eczema, etc. Pretty much anywhere you need extra protection and/or moisturizing. Also great for lips in unscented or essential oil varieties.

All organic with unrefined virgin coconut oil (smells just like coconuts), beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter. Wonderful rich ingredients that heal, nourish and moisturize skin.

Unscented - Will have a natural coconut scent to it.

Calendula & Chamomile Herbal Infusion - Uses our infused unrefined coconut oil. This adds a beautiful scent and extra healing abilities for irritated skin.