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$7.50 standard flat rate shipping on orders under $400 delivered to the contiguous US, APO/FPO.

Sloomb Emulsifying Cubes

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Emulsifying cubes make lanolizing wool easier when using solid lanoin.

Directions: melt 1 cube in a cup of hot water with up to 1 tbsp solid lanolin. Mix well until fully melted and your mixture is milky and emulsified, then follow basic lanolizing steps. Double the amounts as needed for more items. 

To use as a wash only cube: Melt a cube or two in hot water and add to a warm water bath. Gently squeeze woolies to cleanse the fibers and spot clean where needed with another cube or wool wash.

Bee Green Naturals emulsifying cubes are now hand made by the Sloomb team in the US. This is the same recipe developed and entrusted to us by Jennifer of Bee Green Naturals.

Made with mild soap and oils. Contains no lanolin. Approximately 25 cubes. For wool garment care only. 

Scented emulsifying cubes are a great way to add fragrance to your wool. Scent descriptions are below. Cube color varies depending on the oils and vanilla content, ranging from cream, yellow, to dark amber.

New Sloomb Scents:

VIK Natural FO: moss covered volcanic sea coasts, our favorite spot in Iceland.

THICKET EO+FO: the scent of our home - cedar, sage, grasses.

SWEETROSE Natural FO: beautiful, soft & sweet roses.

THE SWEETEST ORANGE EO: orange essential oil.

SEDONA Natural FO: Guiaic wood, sage leaf, bergamot, black chamomile and lavender.

ROSE PETALS & VANILLA Natural FO: lovely and soft rose petals and vanilla bean.

GOAT MILK+HONEY FO: sweet honeyed goat milk.

GARDEN EO+FO: our beautiful garden - bergamot, cassia root, cedar, nutmeg, lavender, and mint.

CHAMOMILE & LAVENDER EO+FO: a soothing and soft, chamomile & lavender blend

BIRCH FO: a masculine blend, like stepping into a wintery woodland.

AUSTRALIAN SANDALWOOD Natural FO: a beautiful unisex scent that has notes of citrus, patchouli, and fir.

AMBER EO+FO: the perfect amber


Traditional BGN for Sloomb scents:

LEMUR KISSES FO: bananas and citrus and strawberries and kisses. lots of lemur kisses!

LITTLE BEE FO: soft blend of vanilla, peach, violet, sugar

NIGHT-NIGHT EO+FO: a sleepy time blend of vanilla and lavender



VANILLA FIG FO: sweet vanilla blended with yummy figs, rum, & amber


SLOOMB HQ: an ever changing mix of what we are currently making - will include both EO and FO