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$7.50 standard flat rate shipping on orders under $400 delivered to the contiguous US, APO/FPO.


Lanolizing and caring for your sustainablebabyish wool is easy.

what you will need:
Ecover Delicate Wash or other wool wash
Solid Lanolin
Sweater Shaver (makes your knits look new in minutes)
Solid lanolin and Ecover Delicate Wash are very inexpensive, easy to use, and make your care routine simple.

To lanolize:
-hand wash your wool items with delicate or wool wash in warm water. we recommend Ecover Delicate Wash. always wash your wool with like colors.

-fill a cup with very hot water. add a tsp. of solid lanolin & a
squirt of baby shampoo or wool wash. stir until water turns cloudy
white & all of the lanolin is melted. there should be no floating
yellow solids.

-fill a sink or very large bowl with warm water. add the prepared cup
of hot lanolin water & stir together.

-put the wool into the lanolin water, working the water into it for a
few minutes. let cover sit for 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how
much time you have.

-squeeze water out -do not wring. roll cover up in a towel to press
out excess water (or put into the washing machine on the spin cycle).

-lay flat to dry.

feel free to lanolize a few wool items at once, but care for your wool
with like colors.
we recommend lanolizing new interlock wool prior to use at least 2
times to re-lanolize and condition your wool. knits can be worn out of
the package and lanolized when you are ready to wash them.

Caring for your sustainablebabyish cloth diapers.

-store your dirty diapers in a wetbag, making sure to scrape off any solids.

-cold rinse & hot wash, using about 1 tablespoon of Ecover or mild
detergent of your choice.

-we like to add a bit of Ecover fabric softener to keep everything
extra fluffy. you can rinse your diapers in cold again if necessary.

-line dry if possible, or dry on low heat with dryer balls, available
in pvc and non-pvc materials. dryer balls will speed up the drying
time & lessens your carbon footprint, though line drying is
recommended for longevity and energy use. bamboo line dries very well
& stays soft, but you may want to dry your cotton and hemp diapers a
bit before/after hanging them-to give them a little loft. sunning will
help with stains – please do not use bleach or whiteners on your

-if you would like to prep your diapers before use, there’s no need to
wash them separately – just add them in with your regular diaper load.
if using diapers with hook and loop closures please be aware that
hemp fleece will have a lot of lint for the first few washes.

-make sure to care for your dyed fitteds with like colors for the
first 1-2 washes.